Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hello. Parev. Góðan dag. Sillaw. Olá. Bonjour. Hallå. Selam. Dia dhuit. Annyeong. Guten Tag. Kaixo. Tere. Haai.

Q: Who the hell is Arto Vaun?

A: He's a somewhat reclusive poet, writer, and musician from Boston who is now based in Yerevan, Armenia. His poems have been published widely. His first band, Mishima USA, packed a punch, and now after a hiatus, he's back with a legion of new songs. Seriously. An effing legion

Wander around the site and find out why he's been interviewed twice on the BBC about his writing, and why has he been on the same bill as Rufus Wainwright, Daniel Johnston, Kimya Dawson, Ben Kweller, Wheat, Mark Eitzel, and others. Welcome!

Here's the brand new video for "If you're here / Եթէ հոս ես". The song was recorded in Boston and the video was completed in Yerevan. 

If you're here / Եթէ հոս ես from Arto Vaun on Vimeo.